Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Monkey Room

The New York Giants were up against the number 1 seed Cowboys for the division.I needed somewhere to go watch the game where I could get drunk and make a quick exit if the Giants lost.The place was the Monkey Room.A little bar on 187Th street and Ft.Washington in Manhattan,NY.It has that dive bar charm.The brick walls and ruff floor and great draft beer selection all helped add to that.At first it was me and some drunk guy(that's what he probably thought too).After my fifth Brooklyn lager and two shots of Hennessy it started getting packed.By game time the place was alive with everyone from broads,thugs,stock brokers,average Joe's and wanna be sports analyst.They don't have food but they order for you at the restaurant next door.They go thru the alley and bring the food in the back door so you don't have to leave the bar.Giants KICKED ASS the girls were very very friendly and the bartender gave a free round.I rate this place 4 out of 5 brass knuckle's.

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